The development of your solar PV-plant and due diligence. A sampling of the services we can provide during the development phase of a project includes:

  • Feasibility study and site planning appraisal
  • System layout, design, and electricity generation projections
  • Interconnection review and design
  • Review of permits
  • Site and construction analysis

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Based on our experience, we select the most suitable machinery to provide money and time efficient logistic solutions depending on the size of the project, its layout, location, ground conditions and other characteristics.

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The basis for your photovoltaic power plant is the foundation. Depending on soil conditions and adaptation to all types of assembly systems, we deliver to you ramming, earth screw and concrete foundations. They are made by our certified teams that have the most modern hydraulic ramming-drill as well as encapsulation technique (Peri, NOE).

  • Soil assessment and examination
  • Ground management plans
  • Water and wastewater treatment systems assessment
  • Setting geodetic points
  • Row calibration
  • Tapping drill holes (if necessary)
  • Column piling/drilling foundations/other foundations


Our project teams take the responsibility to install every PV system in accordance with best practices. We provide the following services when mounting a field solar plant:

  • Installation of the supporting structure
  • Transport and assembly of modules
  • Connecting modules
  • Assembly of the supporting structure of inverters
  • Assembly management
  • Monitoring system installation


The connection of the plant. In addition to project supervision before and during the construction phase, we commence a rigorous testing and commissioning procedure at the completion of project construction. This ensures all installed systems are operating properly and will be covered by manufacturer warranties.

Mechanical installation
Mechanical installation
Electrical installation
Electrical installation
Mechanical and electrical system testing
Mechanical and electrical system testing


The electric maintenance, safeguarding and if necessary the disposal of solar PV-plant.



In order to prevent a loss of value in plants production, Ecotec`s experienced professionals can provide ongoing support and maintenance of your project to ensure it operates at the designed levels. We offer complex testing, maintenance and safeguarding services. Routine and preventative maintenance may include:

  • Active monitoring of system performance
  • On-site inspections of all system components
  • Upholding manufacturer requirements for operation and service warranties
  • Landscaping maintenance
  • Mechanical and electrical check-ups